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Boeing Aktie - Fundamentalanalyse - Dividendenrendite KGV

Boeing Company (ISIN: US0970231058, WKN: 850471) Kursdatum: 22.09.2017 Kurs: 256,450 USD
Beschreibung Daten
Symbol BA
Marktkapitalisierung 164.846.059.520,00 USD
Land Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika
Indizes Dow Jones Industrial AverageS&P 500
Sektor Transport & Logistik
Rohdaten nach US GAAP in Millionen USD
Aktiensplits 1997-06-09 - 2:1 |
Letztes Bilanz Update 08.02.2017


Fundamental Verhältnisse errechnet am: 22.09.2017
20,90 15,70 1,83% 5,44 0,91 33,70 1,74 201,77


Quarterly Financial Data (Unaudited) 20162015 4th3rd2nd1st4th3rd2nd1stTotal revenues$23,286$23,898$24,755$22,632$23,573$25,849$24,543$22,149Total costs and expenses(19,464)(19,904)(22,325)(19,097)(20,642)(21,600)(21,350)(18,496)Earnings from operations2,1832,282(419)1,7881,1612,5801,6832,019Net earnings/(loss)1,6312,279(234)1,2191,0261,7041,1101,336Basic earnings per share2.633.64(0.37)1.851.522.501.611.89Diluted earnings per share2.593.60(0.37)1.831.512.471.591.87Cash dividends declared per share2.51 2.18 2.00 1.82 Common stock sales price per share:        High160.07139.45137.89141.70150.59149.18155.50158.83Low130.74123.96122.35102.10128.56115.14138.44126.18Quarter end155.68131.74129.87126.94144.59130.95138.72150.08Gross profit is calculated as Total revenues minus Total costs and expenses. Total costs and expenses includes Cost of products, Cost of services and Boeing Capital interest expense.During the second quarter of 2016, first quarter of 2016 and fourth quarter of 2015, we recorded reach-forward losses of $1,188, $70 and $885, respectively, on the 747 program. During the second quarter of 2016, we determined that the fourth and fifth flight test aircraft for the 787 program are not commercially saleable, and we reclassified costs of $1,235 associated with these aircraft from 787 program inventory to research and development expense.During the fourth quarter of 2016, second quarter of 2016, first quarter of 2016, and second quarter of 2015, higher estimated costs to complete the KC-46A Tanker contract for the U.S. Air Force resulted in reach-forward losses of $312, $573, $243 and $835, respectively. During the third quarter of 2016, delays in completion of engineering and supply chain activities for the Commercial Crew program resulted in a charge of $162.In the fourth quarter of 2015, we recorded an income tax benefit of $235 related to the reinstatement of the research tax credit for 2015. During the third quarter of 2016, we recorded an incremental tax benefit of $440 that related to the application of a 2012 Federal Court of Claims decision. We also recorded a tax benefit of $177 as a result of the 2011-2012 federal tax audit settlements.We increased our quarterly dividend from $0.91 to $1.09 in December 2015 and to $1.42 in December 2016.

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