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Cimarex Energy - Fundamentalanalyse - Jahresbericht / Bilanz / Geschäftsbericht

Cimarex Energy (ISIN: US1717981013, WKN: 662718) Kursdatum: 27.07.2017 Kurs: 99,180 USD
Beschreibung Daten
Symbol XEC
Marktkapitalisierung 9.261.329.408,00 USD
Land Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika
Indizes S&P 500
Sektor Grundstoffe
Rohdaten nach US GAAP in Millionen USD
Letztes Bilanz Update 24.02.2017


Fundamental Verhältnisse errechnet am: 27.07.2017
-91,90 15,46 0,32% -9,21 50,41 -21,47 7,37 3,92






Revenue Recognition

Oil, Gas and NGL Sales

Revenue is recorded from the sales of oil, gas and NGLs when the product is delivered at a fixed or determinable price, title has transferred and collectability is reasonably assured.  There is a ready market for our products and sales occur soon after production.

Under certain contracts, when NGLs are extracted from the gas stream, processors receive a portion of the sales value from both the residue gas and the NGLs as a processing fee and remit the contractual proceeds to us.  Prior to 2014, revenue was recognized net of these processing fees for residue gas and NGLs sold under these contracts as allowed under EITF 00-10 Accounting for Shipping and Handling Fees and Costs.  Increasing NGL production combined with the impact of recent changes to these contracts has resulted in processing costs becoming more significant.  Accordingly, we have changed our policy to record these processing costs with operating costs as allowed under EITF 00-10.  Beginning in 2014, our realized prices for sales under these contracts reflect the value of 100% of the residue gas and NGLs yielded by processing, rather than the value associated with the contractual proceeds we received.  The related processing fees now are included in “transportation, processing and other operating” costs.  The effect of this change in 2014 was that total revenue was $51.4 million higher with an offsetting increase in total transportation, processing and other operating costs.  There was no impact on operating income.  Financial statements for periods prior to 2014 have not been reclassified to reflect this change in accounting treatment as it was impracticable to do so.

Marketing Sales

We market and sell natural gas for working interest owners under short term sales and supply agreements and earn a fee for such services. Revenues are recognized as gas is delivered and are reflected net of gas purchases on the consolidated statements of operations and comprehensive income (loss).

Gas Imbalances

We use the sales method of accounting for gas imbalances. Under this method, revenue is recorded on the basis of gas actually sold. Gas reserves are adjusted to the extent there are sufficient quantities of natural gas to make up an imbalance. A liability is established in situations where there are insufficient proved reserves available to make-up an overproduced imbalance.  Imbalances have not been significant in the periods presented.







Earnings (loss) per Share

We calculate earnings (loss) per share recognizing that unvested share-based payment awards that contain non-forfeitable rights to dividends or dividend equivalents are “participating securities” and therefore should be included in computing earnings per share using the two-class earnings allocation method. The two-class method is an earnings allocation formula that determines earnings per share for each class of common stock and participating security according to dividends declared (or accumulated) and participation rights in undistributed earnings. Our unvested share based payment awards, consisting of restricted stock and units, qualify as participating securities.  See Note 7 for additional information regarding our earnings per share.