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Columbia Banking System - Fundamentalanalyse - Jahresbericht / Bilanz / Geschäftsbericht

Columbia Banking System (ISIN: US1972361026, WKN: 908712) Kursdatum: 27.07.2017 Kurs: 39,380 USD
Beschreibung Daten
Symbol COLB
Marktkapitalisierung,00 USD
Land Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika
Indizes NASDAQ Comp.
Sektor Banken
Rohdaten nach US GAAP in Millionen USD
Aktiensplits 2004-05-10 - 105:100 | 2002-04-12 - 105:100 | 2001-05-24 - 11:10 | 2000-05-08 - 11:10 | 1999-05-10 - 105:100 | 1998-05-21 - 3:2 | 1997-05-06 - 105:100 |
Letztes Bilanz Update 01.03.2017


Fundamental Verhältnisse errechnet am: 27.07.2017
15,94 15,44 1,96% 1,09 13,16 21,76 5,25 1,80


Summary of Quarterly Financial Information (Unaudited)Quarterly financial information for the years ended December 31, 2015 and 2014 is summarized as follows:   FirstQuarter SecondQuarter ThirdQuarter FourthQuarter Year EndedDecember 31,  (in thousands, except per share amounts)2015          Total interest income $81,417 $82,040 $82,665 $82,769 $328,891Total interest expense 1,053 1,030 971 950 4,004Net interest income 80,364 81,010 81,694 81,819 324,887Provision for loan and lease losses 1,209 2,202 2,831 2,349 8,591Noninterest income 22,767 21,462 22,499 24,745 91,473Noninterest expense 66,734 68,471 64,067 66,877 266,149Income before income taxes 35,188 31,799 37,295 37,338 141,620Provision for income taxes 10,827 9,853 11,515 10,598 42,793Net income $24,361 $21,946 $25,780 $26,740 $98,827Per common share (1)          Earnings (basic) $0.42 $0.38 $0.45 $0.46 $1.71Earnings (diluted) $0.42 $0.38 $0.45 $0.46 $1.712014          Total interest income $74,925 $76,087 $77,133





Earnings per Common Share

The Company’s capital structure includes convertible preferred shares, common shares, restricted common shares, common share options, and during portions of 2014 and 2013, warrants to purchase common shares. Restricted common shares participate in dividends declared on common shares at the same rate as common shares. Convertible preferred shares participate in dividends declared on common shares on an “as if converted” basis. Accordingly, the Company calculates earnings per common share (“EPS”) using the two-class method under the Earnings per Share topic of the FASB ASC. The two-class method is an earnings allocation formula that treats a participating security as having rights to earnings that otherwise would have been available to common shareholders but does not require the presentation of basic and diluted EPS for securities other than common shares.

Under the two-class method, basic EPS is computed by dividing earnings allocated to common shareholders by the weighted average number of common shares outstanding for the period. Earnings allocated to common shareholders represents net income reduced by earnings allocated to participating securities. Participating securities include nonvested restricted stock awards and preferred stock. Diluted EPS is computed in the same manner as basic earnings per share except that the denominator is increased to include the number of additional common shares that would have been outstanding if certain shares issuable upon exercise of options and warrants were included unless those additional shares would have been anti-dilutive. For the diluted EPS computation, the treasury stock method is applied and compared to the two-class method and whichever method results in a more dilutive impact is utilized to calculate diluted EPS.