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Virtual Portfolio - Find value with the FScore

Time Saving - Automatic Balance Sheet Analysis

A full analysis of balance sheets is generally very time consuming. Finanzoo provides an automatic, fast, reliable and rule-based fundamental analysis of balance sheets. Consequently historic hard facts lead into predictions for future developments.

Virtual Portfolio 10,000

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You will get the following benefits:

✓ One free test week without any further obligation for any subscription
✓ After expiration of free test week no need to terminate contract if you decide not to continue this service
✓ Finanzoo Fundamental Analysis
✓ Up-to-date data pool
✓ Virtual depots
✓ Special event alerts
✓ Subscription can be terminated at any time until the end of the month
✓ Free wish list for additional shares to be analyzed

Cost after nonbinding test week is 19.99 $ / Month

Stock Screening - Stock Picking

Finanzoo reviews the balance sheets of companies located throughout the world.  Covering international markets, enlarges the benefits to our global customers by reviewing a larger pool of potential stock picks and providing some of the best international comparisons.  The fundamental data of companies, sectors and countries can be reviewed against international returns.

Data Quality

Finanzoo uses Financial Supervisory Authorities for the majority of the balance sheets reviewed.  All raw data is automatically checked and double checked by Finanzoo data analysts.  Finanzoo works to ensure the best possible data quality.

Finanzoo Fundamental Wikifolio

Not enough time for your own fundamental analysis? Simply follow the finanzoo fundamental analysis wikifolio. This portfolio follows the FScore method of investing.

For more information please go to: Finanzoo Fundamentalanalyse wikifolio-Zertifikat