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Childrens Place (ISIN: US1689051076, WKN: 909471) Kursdatum: 23.03.2018 Kurs: 127,850 USD
Beschreibung Daten
Symbol PLCE
Marktkapitalisierung 2.502.587.904,00 USD
Land Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika
Indizes NASDAQ Comp.
Sektor Konsumgüter
Rohdaten nach US GAAP in Millionen USD
Letztes Bilanz Update 23.03.2018


Fundamental Verhältnisse errechnet am: 23.03.2018
15,23 12,56 0,61% 9,02 54,51 24,44 1,40 5,04


QUARTERLY FINANCIAL DATA (UNAUDITED)In the opinion of management, the unaudited consolidated financial statements presented below contain all material adjustments, consisting of normal recurring accruals, necessary to present fairly the Company's financial position and results of operations and have been prepared in a manner consistent with the audited financial statements contained herein. Due to the seasonal nature of the Company's business, the results of operations in any given interim period are not indicative of operating results for a full fiscal year.14.QUARTERLY FINANCIAL DATA (UNAUDITED) (Continued)The following tables reflect quarterly consolidated statements of income for the periods indicated (unaudited):  Fiscal Year Ended January 30, 2016  FirstQuarter SecondQuarter ThirdQuarter FourthQuarter (1)Net sales $404,865 $366,455 $455,913 $498,544Gross profit 152,109 115,004 180,513 177,506Selling, general and administrative expenses 114,514 118,342 105,797 131,245Asset impairment charges — 1,452 919 —Other costs (income) (3) 76 14 11Depreciation and amortization 14,394 15,252 16,136 16,903Operating income (loss) 23,204 (20,118) 57,647 29,347Income (loss) before income taxes 23,028 (20,323) 57,393 29,284Provision (benefit) for income taxes 7,421 (6,628) 18,898 11,807Net income (loss) 15,607 (13,695) 38,495 17,477         Diluted earnings (loss) per share $0.73 $(0.67) $1.88 $0.87Diluted weighted average common shares outstanding 21,366 20,576 20,517 20,174         Cash dividends declared and paid per common share $0.1500 $0.1500 $0.1500 $0.1500____________________________________________(1) Items impacting the fourth quarter of Fiscal 2015 include approximately $4.4 million of additional costs related to corporate severance and reorganizations partially offset by approximately $2.8 million of income related to the accelerated conversion of loyalty points in the Company's current loyalty program in anticipation of transition to a new customer loyalty program in Fiscal 2016.   Fiscal Year Ended January 31, 2015  FirstQuarter SecondQuarter ThirdQuarter FourthQuarter (1)Net sales $410,149 $384,628 $487,304

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