Set Up FScore Alert

The FScore is the heart and brain of the fundamental analysis. It informs investors wether one company is rather over- or undervalued. provides its users with a an automatic alarm service that informs immediately about significant changes of the FScore. This alert can also be set up for certain Fscore benchmarks and will alert users in the case that the FScore of one company will hit a certain preset value. This enables users to be aware of important developments at any time. 

Example FScore Alert

The example portfolio contains selected shares. The rules of the example portfolio are straightforward. Positions will be increased / bought For FScores higher or equal than 70 points. Positions will be closed for FScores smaller or equal than 40 points. All shares selected for the example portfolio will be closely followed in the watchlist. This watchlist allows users to set up individual alarm levels for the Fscores of all selected shares. This enables users to choose by their individual preferences at which FScore they will be informed about changes. The information about such important changes will then be sent by mail.