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ATX Index components | values (AT0000999982)

The Austrian Traded Index (ATX) is the most important share index in Austria. The ATX shows the price development of the 20 largest Austrian companies listed on the stock exchange. It serves as a base value for derivative financial instruments such as futures, warrants, certificates, etc. With the help of the ATX, statements can be made about the economic development of Austria. The composition of the ATX and the weighting of the shares are checked and adjusted twice a year (March and September). In contrast to the DAX, no dividends or other capital distributions flow into the ATX. This means that the ATX, like most European indices, is calculated as a price index / price index. In order to be directly comparable with the DAX, the ATX Total Return (ATX TR), which also contains dividends, must be used.

The Austrian Traded Index (ATX) is continuously calculated and published during trading. The index contains the shares of the 20 largest listed companies in Austria. The index changes solely due to fluctuations in share prices. The weighting is based on the market value in the free float (= market capitalization of the free float shares). Corporate actions such as stock splits have no (distorting) influence on the index. The ATX also serves as the base value for the futures and options traded on the Vienna Stock Exchange.


The composition of the ATX is reviewed every six months as part of the index committee meetings in March and September. Representatives of institutional investors, trading members at the Vienna Stock Exchange, financial institutions that issue financial products on the indices, academia and the Vienna Stock Exchange contribute their experience to the index committee. The main criteria for inclusion or deletion are capitalized free float and stock exchange turnover. With the semi-annual adjustment, a maximum of three ATX titles can be exchanged for non-ATX titles.

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