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RTX Russian Index components | values (AT0000999602)

The Russian Traded Index (RTX) is a real-time share index developed by the Vienna Stock Exchange, which consists of Russian standard values that are traded on the Russian Trading System in Moscow. The calculation is now made in euros.


The starting value is 1,000 points on October 8, 1997 with a starting capital of $ 25,283,694,424 (approximately $ 25 billion).


On January 9, 2008, there was a changeover from US dollars to euros with a starting value of 3,158.76 points and starting capital of EUR 139,012,367,561.49.


Over time, the index broadened in favor of the telecommunications and financial sectors. Nevertheless, the energy sector is still heavily weighted in the index.

NameIsinWknDatePriceCurrencyP/EDiv. %Subindustry
NameIsinWknDatePriceCurrencyP/EDiv. %Subindustry