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Alleghany Corp. (New) Value Stock - Dividend - Research Selection

Alleghany Corp.

ISIN: US0171751003, WKN: 872718

Market price date: 28.05.2021
Market price: 716,57 USD

Alleghany Corp. Fundamental data and company key figures of the share

Annual reports in USD
Key figures 25-02-2021
Cash flow
Net operating cash flow 1.036.830.000
Capital Expenditures -37.519.000
Free cash flow 999.310.976
Balance sheet
Total Equity 8.755.720.000
Liabilities & Shareholders equity 28.927.000.000
Income statement
Net income 101.754.000
Eps (diluted) 7,130
Diluted shares outstanding 14.283.600
Net sales/revenue 8.896.720.000

Fundamental ratios calculated on: 28-05-2021

Key figures 28-05-2021
Cash flow
P/C 9,87
P/FC 10,24
Balance sheet
Income statement
Div. Yield0,00%

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Market Capitalization10.235.199.488,00 USD
Raw Data SourceUS GAAP in Millionen USD
Stock Split2011-03-30,102.0000/100.0000; 2010-03-30,102.0000/100.0000; 2009-03-30,102.0000/100.0000; 2008-03-28,102.0000/100.0000; 2007-03-29,102.0000/100.0000; 2006-03-31,102.0000/100.0000; 2006-03-30,102.0000/100.0000; 2005-03-31,102.0000/100.0000; 2005-03-30,102.0000/100.0000; 2004-03-31,102.0000/100.0000; 2004-03-30,102.0000/100.0000; 2003-03-29,102.0000/100.0000; 2003-03-28,102.0000/100.0000; 2002-03-28,102.0000/100.0000; 2002-03-27,102.0000/100.0000; 2001-03-30,102.0000/100.0000; 2001-03-29,102.0000/100.0000; 2000-03-31,102.0000/100.0000; 2000-03-30,102.0000/100.0000; 1999-03-31,102.0000/100.0000; 1999-03-30,102.0000/100.0000; 1997-03-28,51.0000/50.0000; 1997-03-27,102.0000/100.0000; 1996-03-28,102.0000/100.0000; 1995-03-28,102.0000/100.0000; 1994-03-25,102.0000/100.0000; 1993-03-26,102.0000/100.0000; 1992-03-26,102.0000/100.0000; 1991-03-25,102.0000/100.0000; 1990-03-27,102.0000/100.0000; 1989-03-28,102.0000/100.0000; 1988-03-28,102.0000/100.0000; 1987-07-01,1.0000/1.0000; 1987-03-24,102.0000/100.0000; 1986-01-27,102.0000/100.0000; 1985-01-25,102.0000/100.0000

Description of the company

Alleghany Corporation (Alleghany) is engaged, through Alleghany Insurance Holdings LLC (AIHL) and its subsidiaries RSUI Group, Inc. (RSUI), Capitol Transamerica Corporation (CATA) and Pacific Compensation Corporation (PCC), in the property and casualty and surety insurance business. Property and casualty and surety insurance operations are conducted by AIHL through its insurance operating units RSUI, CATA and PCC. In addition, AIHL Re LLC (AIHL Re) is a wholly owned subsidiary of AIHL that has in the past provided reinsurance to Alleghany´s insurance operating units and affiliates. Alleghany Capital Partners LLC (Alleghany Capital Partners) was established to manage its equity investments, including those held by its insurance operating units. It also owns and manages land in Sacramento, California through its subsidiary Alleghany Properties. Effective July 31, 2013, Alleghany Corp acquired a 6.25% interest in Ares Management LLC.

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