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Bank Bradesco Value Stock - Dividend - Research Selection

Banco Bradesco S.A.


Market price date: 13.07.2021
Market price: 25,19 BRL

Banco Bradesco S.A. Fundamental data and company key figures of the share

Annual reports in BRL
Key figures 09-03-2021
Cash flow
Net operating cash flow 243.710.000.000
Capital Expenditures -1.800.000.000
Free cash flow 241.910.005.760
Balance sheet
Total Equity 144.462.000.000
Liabilities & Shareholders equity 1.591.040.000.000
Income statement
Net income 16.546.600.000
Eps (diluted) 1,870
Diluted shares outstanding 8.840.000.000
Net sales/revenue 206.565.000.000

Fundamental ratios calculated on: 13-07-2021

Key figures 13-07-2021
Cash flow
P/C 0,90
P/FC 0,91
Balance sheet
Income statement
Div. Yield0,00%

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Market Capitalization65.487.323.136,00 USD
Raw Data SourceIFRS in Millionen BRL
Stock Split2021-04-19,98163.000000/89239.000000; 2020-04-14,98163.000000/89239.000000; 2019-04-01,6.000000/5.000000; 2018-04-02,11.0000/10.0000; 2017-05-02,11.0000/10.0000; 2016-04-18,11.0000/10.0000; 2015-03-27,12.0000/10.0000; 2013-03-26,11.0000/10.0000; 2010-12-20,728.0000/725.0000; 2010-07-14,1.0000/10.0000; 2010-01-20,1.0000/10.0000; 2008-04-07,3.0000/2.0000; 2008-01-07,1360.0000/1357.0000; 2007-03-26,2.0000/1.0000; 2006-10-06,1271.000000/1263.000000; 2005-11-23,2.0000/1.0000; 2004-12-14,1408.0000/467.0000; 2004-03-22,1.0000/10000.0000; 2003-01-13,327.000000/322.000000; 2000-12-26,6.0000/5.0000; 1999-12-20,2741.000000/2654.000000; 1998-12-21,1218.000000/1213.000000; 1998-07-27,4829.000000/4794.000000; 1997-12-22,4107.000000/4064.000000; 1996-06-03,50081.000000/33387.000000; 1995-12-14,1550.000000/1543.000000; 1995-06-06,2071.000000/2064.000000

Description of the company

We are a sociedade anônima organized under the laws of Brazil. Our headquarters are in Cidade de Deus, Vila Yara, 06029‑900, Osasco, São Paulo, Brazil, and our telephone number is (55-11) 3684-4011. Our New York Branch is located at 450 Park Avenue, 32nd and 33rd floors, New York 10022.


We were founded in 1943 as a commercial bank under the name "Banco Brasileiro de Descontos S.A." In 1948, we began a period of aggressive expansion, which led to our becoming the largest private‑sector (non‑government‑controlled) commercial bank in Brazil by the end of the 1960s. We expanded our activities nationwide during the 1970s and became well established in both urban and rural markets in Brazil. In 1988 we merged with our real estate finance, investment bank and consumer credit subsidiaries to become a multiple service bank and changed our name to “Banco Bradesco S.A.”


Since 2009, we operate in all Brazilian municipalities, and our large banking network enables us to be closer to our customers, thereby enabling our managers to develop knowledge as to economically active regions and other important conditions for our business. This knowledge helps us assess and mitigate risks in credit transactions, among other risks, as well as to meet the specific needs of our customers.


Currently, we are one of the largest banks in Brazil in terms of total assets. We offer a wide range of banking and financial products and services in Brazil and abroad to individuals, large, mid‑sized, small and micro enterprises and major local and international corporations and institutions. Our products and services comprise of banking operations such as loans and advances and deposit‑taking, credit card issuance, purchasing consortiums, insurance, leasing, payment collection and processing, pension plans, asset management and brokerage services.

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