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Identify undervalued shares!

Identify undervalued shares!

Finanzoo provides an analysis of fundamentals for many companies listed on major public stock exchanges.  By analyzing published financial statements and the key performance figures contained therein, Finanzoo applies rule-based methodology to help subscribers quickly assess the financial health of a company for potential investment.

Online Balance Sheet Analysis

Finanzoo quickly, transparently and precisely analyses annual reports and balance sheets with only a mouse click. Finanzoo is an automated fundamental analysis tool and provides its customers with a reliable and rule-driven decision-making tool - the FScore.


The Finanzoo Fundamentals Analysis algorithm weighs several key performance figures from company balance sheets and outputs a single essential figure, the FScore.  The FScore is calculated every trading day based on the closing price and the latest published balance sheet, and FScores for companies around the world can be compared easily for analysis.

Decision-Making Tool - Balance Sheet Evaluation

Finanzoo's FScore provides a rule-based decision-making tool for comparing companies listed on major public stock exchanges.  Particularly in overpriced markets, the FScore helps subscribers better identify opportunities to invest in undervalued companies.

Data Quality - Key Performance Figures

Data quality is most important at Finanzoo. Most of the data is therefore obtained from financial supervisory authorities. All data has to pass strict quality checks as it is the basis for all further analysis. For many of the listed shares the data used reaches back up to 20 fiscal years.

Portfolio Analysis

For all companies in our analysis portfolio, FScores have been calculated and archived for all trading days going back to as early as 1997.  Based on this analysis of historical data, subscribers can evaluate their past investment strategies and draw their own conclusions on effectiveness.