Can I obtain with your API service the daily fundamental historical data?

I would like to know if I can obtain with your API service the daily fundamental historical data changes for all SP 500 stocks that covers the following elements day by day:

DE Ratio
Return on Equity
Profit Margin
Diluted EPS

It could be in Json, csv, etc.


Yes. You can use our API_Getfilteredshares to get the complete S&P 500[delisted=0;indexids=8]

This will return all values in Json.
The current supported values are: 

{"uid":"2","shortname":"IBM","name":"International Business Machines Corp.",

sma200_color => 1 means sma200 is above the current price, 0 is below
lastprice => last end of day quote
lastpricedate => our last date for the price
currency => currency
kfcv_value => Free Cash-Flow Ratio
ekq_value => Equity Ratio - E/R
gkr_value => Return On Investment - ROI
kgv_value => Price-Earning-Ratio - P/E-Ratio
kuv_value => Price-to-Sales Ratio - P/S Ratio
kbv_value => Price-to-Book-Ratio - P/B Ratio
kcv_value => Price to cash flow ratio - P/C Ratio
div_rendid => dividend rendit on our last price we have

In near future we like also to provide our fundamental date over this API so you can calculate your needed values which we are not offer.
This will be the data: 

  • Net Turnover
  • Profit Per Share
  • Operating Cashflow
  • Investments In Material Goods As Of Cashflow Statement (CapEx)
  • Free Cashflow
  • Equity
  • Total Capital
  • Outstanding Shares
  • Annual Profit
  • Dividend Per Share