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AEX 25 Index components | values (NL0000000107)

AEX Index is a Price Index

The AEX Index is a price index. It comprises up to 25 listed companies that are traded on Euronext Amsterdam. The index level is determined solely on the basis of share prices and is adjusted only for income from subscription rights and special payments. The calculation is updated every second during trading hours from 9:00 to 17:30 CET. The determination of index members is based on criteria that are rather exceptional on an international scale. One striking condition is that at least 10% of outstanding shares must have been traded at a certain value during the year, which is a tribute to the fact that many securities are rather thinly traded despite their high market capitalization.

The focus on liquidity and free float rather than market value is also reflected in the requirement that at least one quarter of outstanding shares must be broadly diversified. When determining the relevant free float value for weighting, the classes are summarized: for free float between 25 and 50, 50 and 75, and 75 and 100 percent, the upper limit of the class is used as the weighting factor. Originally, it was decided every third Friday in February which corporations would remain in the index and which should be replaced, and whether the weighting of individual stocks needed to be adjusted. The changes are now made quarterly.



The AEX25 index is the leading stock index of the Dutch stock exchange Euronext Amsterdam. The index comprises the 25 largest listed companies in the Netherlands, measured by market capitalization and trading volume.

The companies included in the AEX25 index include Royal Dutch Shell, Unilever, ING Group, and Philips, among others. The index is frequently used as a barometer of the health of the Dutch economy and the European stock market as a whole.


The weighting of companies in the AEX25 is based on their market capitalization. The index is calculated and published during the trading hours of the Amsterdam stock exchange.


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