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WIG 20 Index components | values (PL9999999987)

The WIG 20 (Polish Warszawski Indeks Giełdowy, Warsaw Stock Exchange Index) is the most important stock index on the Warsaw Stock Exchange in Poland. The 20 most important Polish companies in terms of market capitalization are listed in the financial index. The WIG 20 is to be replaced by the WIG 30 by the end of 2015.

Technically speaking, the WIG 20 is a price index. It includes the 20 largest Polish joint-stock companies that are traded on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The index level is determined solely on the basis of share prices and only adjusted for income from subscription rights and special payments. In addition to market capitalization, weighting is also based on the market value in free float. Corporate actions such as stock splits have no (distorting) influence on the index. The calculation is updated every second during trading hours from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. CET.


The stocks that are available for selection must belong to the most important companies in Poland. The headquarters of the company plays a role as well as other characteristics that the index committee determines. In order to be included in the index, for example, the number of shares in free float must not be less than 10 percent, the market capitalization of the shares in free float must be at least 1 million euros.


Since the WIG 20 is constructed as a pure price index and at the same time contains several high-dividend stocks such as the raw materials company KGHM, the true performance of Polish stocks is underestimated. As an alternative to the WIG 20, the Polish Traded Index (PTX) calculated by the Vienna Stock Exchange is occasionally used, although it is limited to 13 values.

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