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ISIN: US53578A1088 , WKN: A1H82D

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Description of the company

We are the world’s largest professional network on the Internet with over 400 million members in over 200 countries and territories as of the date of this Annual Report on Form 10-K. We believe we are the most extensive, accurate and accessible network focused on professionals. LinkedIn's value proposition for our members and customers is simple: connect to opportunity. Members use our platform to stay connected and informed, advance their career and work smarter.


We provide many of our products at no cost to members with the belief that our freemium business model drives the most value for our members. In return, member growth and engagement strengthens the network effect that can benefit each individual LinkedIn member.


The critical mass of our network also enables us to create value for our customers through three distinct product lines: Talent Solutions, which includes Hiring and Learning & Development, Marketing Solutions, and Premium Subscriptions. Our products are sold through two channels, an offline field sales organization that engages both large and small enterprise customers; and an online channel where enterprise customers, small business, and individual members purchase products on a self-serve basis. We seek to create reciprocal value with our products between members and customers. We believe this builds mutually aligned incentives and marketplace dynamics supporting our long-term financial objectives of sustainable revenue and earnings growth.


We were incorporated in Delaware in March 2003 under the name LinkedIn, Ltd. and changed our name to LinkedIn Corporation in January 2005. Our principal executive offices are located at 2029 Stierlin Court, Mountain View, CA 94043, and our telephone number is (650) 687-3600. Our website address is We completed our initial public offering in May 2011 and our Class A common stock is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (“NYSE”) under the symbol “LNKD”. Unless the context requires otherwise, the words “LinkedIn,” “we,” “Company,” “us” and “our” refer to LinkedIn Corporation and our subsidiaries.


Our Mission

Our mission is to connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful. We believe that prioritizing the needs of our members is the most effective and, ultimately, the most profitable means to accomplish our mission and create long-term value for all stakeholders.


Our Vision

Our vision is to create economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce. We believe our network's ultimate potential is to develop the world’s first economic graph, a digital representation of the global economy. Manifesting this vision requires scaling across six key pillars: individuals in the workforce, companies, job opportunities, professional skills, higher education institutions, and professional knowledge. By operationalizing this vision, we believe LinkedIn can enable members to connect to opportunity at global scale.


Our Strategy and Value Propositions

Our strategy is focused on three key value propositions for both members and customers. These value propositions allow us to fully embrace our hybrid model as an enterprise services business built on a consumer web platform and continue to build on critical platform capabilities necessary for professionals:


• Stay connected & informed: Our flagship LinkedIn application and our professional publishing platform focus on helping members keep up with their connections, stay up to date with relevant news and ideas, and share views and knowledge. We believe delivering members a relevant and highly engaging feed experience is critical in creating value.


• Advance my career: Helping members both get hired and learn new skills has emerged as an essential element of our platform. We accelerated this focus through our 2014 acquisition of Bright Media Corporation, taking the number of jobs available on LinkedIn to nearly 5 million from approximately 300,000 two years ago. In addition, our 2015 acquisition of, Inc. (""), Inc. launched our entrance into the learning and development market by introducing skills-based learning to our platform.


• Work smarter: Work smarter captures the value we create for members and customers through our monetized products. For recruiters, LinkedIn provides a destination to attract, recruit, and hire talent. For marketers, LinkedIn provides a platform to market products and services, especially with a business-to-business focus. For sales professionals, LinkedIn provides a social selling tool to help find leads and generate sales. For individuals, LinkedIn offers premium subscription packages that are designed for general professionals to manage their professional identity, grow their networks, and connect with talent. Finally, we recently began to focus on helping individuals and small businesses find freelance professionals.


LinkedIn’s platform capabilities support these value propositions by enabling a member to: establish and manage their reputation through their LinkedIn profile, build their professional network, and research and contact any professional on LinkedIn. Lastly, we are committed to making our network accessible on a global basis through mobile-first product offerings.


Stay Connected & Informed

LinkedIn Flagship. You will find the following five tabs at the bottom of the LinkedIn Flagship Mobile application. Our desktop application will soon follow this five-pillar construct as well.


• Feed (Home). We provide a real-time stream of data from professionals and professional sources, personalized for each member. The stream allows each member to control and select data by relevancy, and members can remain up-to-date on what is happening in their professional world. Members can “like”, comment and post new updates to the stream.


• Me (Profile). Our core offering provides every member with an online professional profile. A member’s profile is accessible to all members on our network and includes user-generated information including current job title and employer, education, career history, domain expertise, accomplishments, skills and additional professional information such as honors, awards, association memberships, patents, publications, certifications and languages spoken. Members populate their own profile information, enabling them to ensure their professional identity is accurate, current and under their control. In addition, Add-to-Profile Certifications allows members to update their profiles with certifications from courses completed through partner sites.


• Messaging. Our messaging tab provides a chat-style interface to allow for easy back and forth messaging. Messages are organized for easy reference to the last conversation within a thread. Members also receive push and email notifications to make it easier to find conversations.


• My Network. The My Network tab presents a brief update of a member's network for the day, such as work anniversaries, job changes, and recently published articles from a member's network. In addition, links to Invitations and Connections are included at the top left portion of the navigation pane.


• Invitations. Members can expand their networks by sending invitations. Any non-member accepting an invitation simultaneously becomes a LinkedIn member, connected to the sender, after completing the registration process.


• Connections. Once two members are connected, their profile information is shared and, subject to privacy settings, each member has access to the other member’s list of connections for further networking. Connections across the network are classified to three degrees: first degree connections are members who agree to connect, second degree connections are members who share one or more mutual connections, and third degree connections are related via two connections. Members can retrieve the contact information of their first degree connections and browse their second and third degree connections in order to find additional opportunities to network and connect.


• Search. Our proprietary search technology allows users to conduct real-time, multilingual searches of our rich dataset in a completely personalized manner, as a member’s profile and network affect relevance and ranking of results. Our search capabilities include:


• People. Faceted, structured search across all member profiles.


• Job Postings. Faceted, structured search across all of the available jobs listed on our network, as well as off-network jobs.


• Companies. Faceted, structured search of enterprises and professional organizations.


• Groups. Search all professional groups on our network.


• Inbox Messages. Search inbox messages.


• Address Book. Detailed, structured search across all of the connections a member has on LinkedIn.


• Publishing Content. Search Influencer and member posts on LinkedIn by topic or Influencer name.


• Universities. Search all universities on our network.


People You May Know. This product recommends members whom you may already know and with whom you may want to create a first degree connection.

Pulse. Pulse enables our members to be better informed in their everyday jobs by showing them relevant news that has been collected and organized by the members in their networks and fellow professionals in their industries.

Influencers. LinkedIn Influencers provides a publishing platform for thought leaders to post unique knowledge and professional insights on LinkedIn. Members can follow these individuals to receive relevant content directly in their

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