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Allegion (ISIN: IE00BFRT3W74, WKN: A1W869) Kursdatum: 18.06.2018 Kurs: 81,480 USD
Beschreibung Daten
Symbol ALLE
Marktkapitalisierung 7.822.080.000,00 USD
Land Irland
Indizes S&P 500
Sektor Technology
Rohdaten nach US GAAP in Millionen USD
Letztes Bilanz Update 17.02.2018


Fundamental Verhältnisse errechnet am: 18.06.2018
26,26 22,53 0,79% 10,76 15,80 28,59 3,25 19,48


Allegion plc ("Allegion," "we," "us" or "the Company") is a leading global provider of security products and solutions that keep people safe, secure and productive. We make the world safer as a company of experts, securing the places where people thrive, and we create peace of mind by pioneering safety and security. We offer an extensive and versatile portfolio of mechanical and electronic security products across a range of market-leading brands. Our experts across the globe deliver high-quality security products, services and systems, and we use our deep expertise to serve as trusted partners to end-users who seek customized solutions to their security needs.


Access control security products and solutions are critical elements in every building and home. Most door openings are custom-configured to maximize a room’s particular form and function while also meeting local and national building and safety code requirements and end-user security needs. Most buildings have multiple door openings, each serving its own purpose and requiring different specific access-control solutions. Each door must fit exactly within its frame, be prepared precisely for its hinges, synchronize with its specific lockset and corresponding latch and align with a specific key to secure the door. Moreover, security products are increasingly linked electronically, creating additional functionality and complexity.


We believe our ability to deliver a wide range of solutions that can be custom-configured to meet end-users’ security needs is a key driver of our success. We accomplish this with:


• Our extensive and versatile product portfolio, combined with our deep expertise, which enables us to deliver the right products and solutions to meet diverse security and functional specifications;


• Our consultative approach and expertise, which enables us to develop the most efficient and appropriate building security and access-control specifications to fulfill the unique needs of our end-users and their partners, including architects, contractors, home-builders and engineers;


• Our access to and management of key channels in the market critical to delivering our products in an efficient and consistent manner; and

• Our enterprise excellence capabilities, including our global manufacturing operations and agile supply chain, which facilitate our ability to deliver specific product and system configurations to end-users worldwide, quickly and efficiently.


Based on third party sources, we estimate that the size of the global markets we serve was approximately $30 billion in revenue in 2016 with compound annual growth of about 2 to 4% per year over the past four years. We believe that the security products industry will benefit from several global macroeconomic and long-term demographic trends, including:


• stabilization of construction markets in key North American markets;

• the convergence of mechanical and electronic security products;

• heightened awareness of security requirements;

• increased global urbanization; and

• the shift to a digital, interconnected environment.


We believe improving institutional and growth in commercial industrial markets and continued recovery in residential markets in the United States and slight growth in Europe will offset unfavorable foreign currency exchange rates overseas. Additionally, we expect growth in the global electronic product categories we serve to outperform the security products industry as end-users adopt newer technologies in their facilities. Our acquisition of Simons Voss Technologies GmbH and Milre Systek Co, Ltd. in late 2015 were made to capitalize on this trend.


We sell a wide range of security products and solutions for end-users in commercial, institutional and residential facilities worldwide, including into the education, healthcare, government, hospitality, commercial office and single and multi-family residential markets. Our corporate brands are CISA®, Interflex®, LCN®, Schlage®, SimonsVoss®, and Von Duprin®. We believe LCN, Schlage, and Von Duprin hold the No. 1 position in their primary product categories in North America and CISA and Interflex hold the No.1 or No. 2 position in their primary product categories in certain European markets.


For the year ended December 31, 2016, we generated revenues of $2,238.0 million and operating income of $425.5 million.

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